Traveling Altar Inspiration

So I’ve been giving some thought to putting together a traveling altar, since I hope to make travel a big part of my life after I graduate college.

I’ve been looking around the ‘net (mostly YouTube and Pinterest) and I’ve found a lot of good inspiration. Here’s a list of what I might possibly put in my travel altar:

  • I would like to put my altar in a box about the size of a deck of cards; either a tin or a wooden box. It would need to close or latch securely to avoid opening while being tossed around in a backpack, purse, or pocket.
  • I would like to have a red candle and a few white candles in my traveling altar: red for the color fire and white for any candle magic I may wish to perform.
  • A little vial of water and a little vial of salt would be perfect.
  • A pentagram either made of twigs, or a jewelry charm that is a pentagram.
  • Charms that represent the Lord and Lady – either a triple moon or other goddess figure for the Goddess and perhaps a Green Man charm for the God.
  • A miniature wand (tiny stick) and/or athame (jewelry charm?)
  • A miniature besom to sweep out negative energy.
  • A miniature clay cauldron for burning cone incense.
  • A handkerchief for an altar cloth.
  • Some crystals depending on what I’m thinking about using the altar for. If it’s just a run of the mill devotional altar I might skip the crystals.
  • Some scraps of paper to do paper magic.

Here’s a few pictures that inspired me:


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On the Spelling of Magic(k)

So. I am one of those people who doesnt quite get the issue with spelling Magick M-A-G-I-C. In most, if not all, of the books on Wicca that I have read (and yes, i I know that Wicca is not the only magical path, but it piques my interest more than others) an on many websites amd forums, the authors spell magic as M-A-G-I-C-K so as to distance it from stage magic, magic as in books and movies, etc. 

I dont see an issue with spelling it in the normal way; personally, though I see where these K supporters are coming from, I think magick with a K sounds a little… pretentious? (That is not the perfect word to describe how I feel about it). It makes it feel as though witches are trying to make it seem super special. 

I guess I like to spell magic sans the K because it makes it seem much more accessible. Because anyone can do magic, really! Its not a super secret thing, at least not anymore, and people often work magic without knowing it. 

I am curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this! Do you spell magic with a K or not? Why?


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Merry Meet!

My name is Lauren, and this is the first post on this shiny new blog! *cue clapping*

I am just beginning in my journey, and my practice of Witchcraft/Paganism, and I have a run down of a few of my beliefs on my YouTube channel.

This blog is going to be more of a daily (i hope!) ramblings thing, whereas my YouTube will be a less frequently updated place to share my thoughts and feelings on subjects.

I can’t wait to meet all my fellow Witchy bloggers! What is your favorite thing about the practice?


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